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Enneagram Introduction:

The Enneagram is an ancient personality typing system that originated in monastic centers in the East. It was brought to the West by George Gurdjieff, a Russian mystic who called it simply, the law of types. There are nine primary types and fifty four subtypes. The nine primary types exist around an enneagon, a sacred geometrical symbol combining the law of three, the law of seven and the law of ninefoldness. Each type exists primarily in a center. There are three centers: the head, heart and body. Types 2 through 4 are centered in the heart, types 5 through 7 in the head and 8 through 1 in the body. Each individual then has a instinctive subtype. There are three subtypes: social, one-on-one and survival. Additionally, each individual has a wing to another number on the other side of their primary enneagram type. For instance, an enneagram type 1 could have a 9 or 2 wing, and so on and so forth.

Instinctual Subtypes:

There exist three instinctual subtypes for each enneagram type: social, one-on-one and survival. A subtype who is a social subtype will gravitate towards social relationships and has a more casual approach to life. A one-on-one subtype will focus on relationships with individuals and have a more intense approach to life. And a survival subtype will gravitate towards self-preservation and generally be more serious about things. These subtypes greatly color a person’s type, so that types can appear to be other types. For instance, survival types, especially enneagram type 3, can appear to be 8. And social types can appear to be nineish.

Type is Essence:

Gurdjieff stated a person’s type is part of their essence. Like one’s eye or skin color, one is born with it. It doesn’t change. The wings and instinctual subtypes are also fixed, so that a person who is an enneagram type social 1 with a 9 wing was born that way and will always be that type. That being true, a type can move around the symbol to any of the other numbers (see conditioned stabilizations below).


Enneagram types often look similar to each other (see article here: physical appearance and the enneagram)

Conditioned Stabilizations:

Although a person is fixated at a certain enneagram type, a person can be at any other point on the diagram in a secondary way due to conditioning. For instance, a enneagram type four could be stabilized on 9 because they grew up in a place that has the energy of 9 or had a parent that was that type, etc. This can make typing people very confusing at times. One has to look at the energy of the person and not always their conditioned self. Anyone can be a perfectionist or a little OCD and that doesn’t make them a 1.

Other Influences:

In addition to conditioning, a person’s horoscope and their dominant hemisphere of the brain can also heavily influence the way their enneagram type acts. For instance, a left handed enneagram type 3 might even appear to be absent minded and aloof like an enneagram type 9. An enneagram type 8 that is a cancer horoscope might be withdrawn like a 5 at times.

Intention For Famous Enneagram

The intention of this site is to provide famous examples of all 54 types as models, so that one can study oneself and others through observing. Famous people are useful because interviews and biographies can quite often be studied to determine type. This website also contains a short description of each type, but doesn’t give a detailed description because there is much better material out there for education that way. This is primarily a list place. For useful books on the enneagram click.

54 Enneagram Subtypes with Adjectives:

Enneagram Type 1

1. The Social Reformer: Social 1 with a 9 wing
2. The Reverent One: One-on-one 1 with a 9 wing
3. The Quiet Perfectionist: Survival 1 with a 9 wing
4. The Public Do-Gooder: Social 1 with a 2 wing
5. The Helpful Perfectionist: One-on-one 1 with a 2 wing
6. The General: Survival 1 with a 2 wing

Enneagram Type 2

7. Father Christmas: Social 2 with a 1 wing
8. The Giving Poet: One-on-one 2 with a 1 wing
9. The Servant: Survival 2 with a 1 wing
10. The Host: Social 2 with a 3 wing
11.The Benevolent Giver: One-on-one 2 with a 3 wing
12. The Benefactor: Survival 2 with a 3 wing

Enneagram Type 3

13. The Social Butterfly: Social 3 with a 2 wing
14. The Star: One-on-one 3 with a 2 wing
15. The Hero: Survival 3 with a 2 wing
16. The Socialite: Social 3 with a 4 wing
17. The Artistic Achiever: One-on-one 3 with a 4 wing
18. The Icon: Survival 3 with a 4 wing

Enneagram Type 4

19. The Involved Artist: Social 4 with a 3 wing
20. The SpecialĀ One: One-on-one 4 with a 3 wing
21. The Dramatic Romantic: Survival 4 with a 3 wing
22. The Cool Creative: Social 4 with a 5 wing
23. The Romantic Poet: 4 with a 5 wing
24. The Beatnik: Survival 4 with a 5 wing

Enneagram Type 5:

25. The Public Sage: Social 5 with a 4 wing
26. The Expressive Observer: One-on-one 5 with a 4 wing
27. The Creative Watcher: Survival 5 with a 4 wing
28. The Puzzle Solver: Social 5 with a 6 wing
29. The Intense Intellectual: One-on-one 5 with a 6 wing
30. The Lone Wolf: Survival 5 with a 6 wing

Enneagram Type 6:

31. The Reporter: Social 6 with a 5 wing
32. The Quiet Questioner: One-on-one 6 with a 5 wing
33. The Silent Leader: Survival 6 with a 5 wing
34. The Pal: Social 6 with a 7 wing
35. The Everyman: One-on-one 6 with a 7 wing
36. The Strong Loyalist: Survival 6 with a 7 wing

Enneagram Type 7

37. The Aloof Comedian: Social 7 with a 6 wing
38. The Joker: One-on-one 7 with a 6 wing
39. The Commentator: Survival 7 with a 6 wing
40. The Cool Bull: Social 7 with an 8 wing
41. The Gusto Epicurean: One-on-one 7 with an 8 wing
42. The Bulldog: Survival 7 with an 8 wing

Enneagram Type 8

43. The Casual Combater: Social 8 with a 7 wing
44. The Chairman of the Board: One-on-one 8 with a 7 wing
45. The Verbose Challenger: Survival 8 with a 7 wing
46. The Friendly Bear: Social 8 with a 9 wing
47. The Manly Man: One-on-one 8 with a 9 wing
48. The Chief: Survival 8 with a 9 wing

Enneagram Type 9

49. The Gentle Giant: Social 9 with an 8 wing
50. The Active Peacemaker: One-on-one 9 with an 8 wing
51. The Peaceful Warrior: Survival 9 with an 8 wing
52. The Peaceful Advocate: Social 9 with a 1 wing
53. The Idealistic Dreamer: One-on-one 9 with a 1 wing
54. The Visionary: Survival 9 with a 1 wing




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