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Donald Trump’s enneagram type

Donald Trump’s enneagram type is a survival three with a two wing who has a conditioned stabilization on type 8. Donald Trump’s whole career has centered around branding an image and using his name to sell everything from meat to water to golf courses. In alignment with the deceit of type 3 he also has […]

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James Bond’s enneagram type

Spectre is one of the best Bond films. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should go! James Bond’s enneagram number is almost elusive. The 007 agent has been played been many different types. Sean Connery was a survival 8 with a 7 wing, Roger Moore a survival 3 with a 2 wing, Timothy Dalton, […]

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best enneagram test

The best Enneagram test

Taking a test to determine what enneagram type you are can be truly useful and helpful. Sometimes, it’s very hard to determine one’s type or see oneself from the outside looking in or from the inside out. You may even know other people’s types and still fluster when you try to pick your type. Have […]

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counterphobic 6

The Counterphobic 6

The counterphobic 6 is a pretty simple idea in the enneagram that is often misunderstood. Basically, it is an enneagram type 6 who confronts their fear and tackles it rather than being afraid of it. When dealing with fears, our basic nature is to have a fight or flight response. The fight is a counterphobic […]

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Bach flower remedies and the enneagram

Bach Flower remedies and the enneagram can work together. Bach flower remedies were created by Edward Bach, an English doctor, who used flower essences on himself and his patients to replace negative emotional states with positive ones. Certain remedies are better for certain enneagram types’ fundamental nature (listed below); however, any type can experience the […]

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the enneagram

Useful books on the Enneagram

There are many useful books on the enneagram to look into. Helen Palmer’s The Enneagram is a good place to start. Another good book is Personality Types by Don Riso. For a Christian (mystic) perspective, Richard Rohr’s Experiencing the Enneagram is the best. For a deeper, more psychological understanding of it, Ennea-type Structures by Claudio […]

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