The Counterphobic 6

counterphobic 6

The counterphobic 6 is a pretty simple idea in the enneagram that is often misunderstood. Basically, it is an enneagram type 6 who confronts their fear and tackles it rather than being afraid of it. When dealing with fears, our basic nature is to have a fight or flight response. The fight is a counterphobic response and the flight is a phobic response. Almost all of enneagram type 6 that are survival are counterphobic because it is counter to self-preservation to be afraid of the world. One must attack fear in order to survive. A good example of a phobic 6 is Woody Allen. And a counterphobic 6 might be Russell Crowe. There is a bumper sticker that says “No Fear”. That is a counterphobic sticker. Basically, having no fear still means fear is central to your character, you’re just going against it. It’s sort of the law of attraction that way in that counterphobic types will attract just as much stuff to be afraid of or to deal, and perhaps even more. Regarding health though, a counterphobic type isn’t necessarily healthier than a phobic type or the other way around. It pretty much depends on the person, their character and spirituality. It’s just a way of being. An enlightened way is to realize that there is nothing to really be afraid of ever because the universe will take care of you. It’s important to note that survival 6’s and counterphobic 6’s appear to be like enneagram type 8.

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