Donald Trump’s enneagram type

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Donald Trump’s enneagram type is a survival three with a two wing who has a conditioned stabilization on type 8. Donald Trump’s whole career has centered around branding an image and using his name to sell everything from meat to water to golf courses. In alignment with the deceit of type 3 he also has a history of lying, even going so far as to pretend to be fictional people to reporters. It seems as though he has also always married based on appearances and owns Miss Universe and Miss USA. His own appearance is almost comical in a vain way from the bleached teeth, to the fake tanner to the hair. There is also a great deal of speculation about how much wealth he has and about whether or not he has lied about the amount. He says he is worth around 11 billion while experts like Forbes have him closer to 3 billion and some people feel his worth is much less than that due to the amount of debt he has. Conditioned stabilizations can make seeing a person’s type very tricky because Donald Trump is bossy like an enneagram type 8. A conditioned stabilization means something about Trump’s upbringing caused his conditioned self to be primarily stabilized on a type different than the  type he was born with (see Conditioned Stabilizations). Although, I believe at heart, his bossiness and confrontational approach is really an attempt to win or succeed however. I think Trump is really someone who would do anything to get ahead, which is much more in alignment with enneagram type 3 than 8.


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