Percentages of enneagram types in general population


How many of each type are there in the population? Why is it disproportional? Do other countries have different amounts of certain types? If you are studying the enneagram, you may have been asked yourself these questions before. Or even be wondering why you know so many 7’s? It’s simply God’s gift to give us more of certain types and less of others and it may be that way at certain times on earth when more of a certain energy is needed. The following enneagram percentages┬áchart shows the prevalence of each type out of 100 people in the general population in America. You will see that some types like enneagram type 1 and 4 are much rarer than others like 6, 7 or 9. The enneagram statistics bar chart shows the exact number of each type per 100 people in the general population in America. The study doesn’t determine which race the person is. Study the enneagram percentages chart and see if you find similar percentages in your area or country and leave a comment with your results!

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