Understanding enneagram wings: Larry David’s enneagram type

enneagram wings

Enneagram wings make people’s enneagram type much more complex. A person can only have one wing primarily, although, a person can lean on the other wing—just as a person can move to any other point on the enneagram (see conditioned stabilizations). This wing greatly colors a person’s type to the point that the person can appear to be that type rather than their main type. Some people are more their wings than their main type, while others aren’t.

Today, we will look at actor, writer and comedian Larry David—the creator of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry is a survival 7 with a 6 wing. This type is called The Commentator. For other examples of this type, click here. If you have seen Curb Your Enthusiasm you will know that Larry David appears to be more of a 6 like Woody Allen. He doubts everything, is a pessimist and looks concerned about everything. Even the title of the show, Curb Your Enthusiasm suggests he isn’t an Enthusiast, but he is. Much of this is his wing coming through. Woody Allen was also one of his heroes, so he is sort of stabilized on 6 do to emulation. If one watches him in interviews though he is much more focused and funny like an enneagram type 7. This type is sort of always an actor, playing parts in life. They can appear to be any type. It is also due to his survival subtype. The best description for this type is The Commentator because they are always making social and cultural commentaries about why things are the way they are. They make the best stand-up comedians for this reason.

David Bowie is another person who appears to be his wing. He is an enneagram type one-on-one 3 with a 4 wing, but appears to be a 4 if one looks at Ziggy Stardust and the way he dresses. Many 7 with a 8 wings look like 8’s and it’s very confusing sometimes. Just remember, a person can be stabilized on one of their enneagram wings and it will make them appear to be that type.


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