Hillary Clinton gets added to the list: Hillary Clinton’s enneagram type

hilary clinton enneagram

After the first democratic debate, Hillary Clinton needed to be on the list for¬†enneagram type 6. Hillary Clinton’s enneagram type is a survival 6 with a 7 wing. This type is called The Strong Loyalist. This particular type is usually counterphobic and resembles enenagram type 8 often or 3 and 1. Like survival 6 with a 5 wing, it is a very bold, strong type usually. These characteristics are somewhat atypical for enneagram type 6. Angelica Houston is this type. You can see how one could confuse this type for an 8, especially an 8 with a 7 wing. Hillary is a loyalist to her base. She was very loyal to Bill during his fiasco with Monica Lewinsky. Many women would have left him regardless of him being president. She is also a fairly moderate democrat, unwilling to take risks on issues like Bernie Sanders and others. To see others in Hillary Clinton’s enneagram type click enneagram type 6.

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