Physical appearance and the enneagram: Brad Pitt’s enneagram type


In the book In Search for the Miraculous, Gurdjieff stated that enneagram types often look alike, confirming that physical appearance and the enneagram have alot to do with each other. It’s true that many times, enneagram types have similar physical appearances. Brad Pitt is a good example. Brad Pitt is a social enneagram type 4 with a 3 wing. His physiognomy is similar to another social 4 with a 5 wing named Guy Pearce who is also an actor—you may know him from the Time Machine movie. Brad also looks similar to Benicio del Toro, a very talented method actor who is an enneagram type social 4 with a 5 wing. You see physical similarities like this with people. It’s like something in the smile, eyes and facial structure is similar to another person’s almost exactly, so that they appear to be dopplegangers. Two other very good examples of this are Matthew McConaughey and Paul Newman. Matthew McConaughey is a one-on-one 6 with a 7 wing and Paul Newman is that type as well. The two look very similar and have often been compared to each other. Another example of two enneagram type 8s is Bill O’Reilly and Lyndon Johnson. Their faces look like molds of each other. In the East, there is a belief that the face often tells a story about the personality. They say if someone has a big bottom lip, they are often better at receiving love than giving love. And if their top lip is bigger than the bottom, they are better at giving love. Enneagram type 2 often has this overhanging top lip. You can see this on many examples on the famous enneagram type list on this website. Sometimes however, genetics take over and a person doesn’t look like others from their type, however, there are always tell-tell signs: the way a person stands, whether they are hawk eyed or not, how they move, etc. Physical appearance and the enneagram are really interesting.

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