Enneagram Type 1



Triad: Instinctive

Style: Compliant

Enneagram type 1 is the reformer. They are also often called the perfectionist. The need to reform or achieve perfection can make them very neat, clean, organized and punctual. Critical of themselves and others, they are sometimes self-righteous because deep down inside, they feel they know they are right. The need to be right is a driving force for enneagram type 1 who feels it’s important to change themselves and the world. Heaven is a perfect reality, so this type achieves peace when they accept that God’s world is perfect and this world is a place of duality where there will always be good and evil. Let go and let God.

Famous Enneagram Type 1 Examples

The Social Reformer

Social 1 with a 9 wing:

Al Gore

Nelson Mandela

Gene Siskel

The Reverent One

One-On-One 1 with a 9 wing:

Albert Schweitzer

The Quiet Perfectionist

Survival 1 with a 9 wing:

Max Van Sydow

Ridley Scott

The Public Do-Gooder

Social 1 with a 2 wing:

Maggie Smith

Ralph Nader

George Bernard Shaw

Margaret Thatcher

Vanessa Redgrave

The Helpful Perfectionist

One-On-One 1 with a 2 wing:

Jane Fonda

Julie Andrews

Katherine Hepburn

Annie Lenox

John Bradshaw

Sidney Poitier

James Lipton

The General

Survival 1 with a 2 wing:

Glenn Close

Rex Harrison

John Dall



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