Enneagram Type 3




Triad: Feeling

Style: Extroverted

Enneagram type 3 is the achiever. Success is not only important for a 3, achieving it can be a way of life. 3’s are often very type-A, active individuals who love exercise and nutrition. Grooming is also very important. In this way, they fit the motto “cleanliness is next to Godliness”, however, vanity has it’s priceā€”a neglect of the interior for outward appearences. In God’s eyes, they are perfect though.

Famous Enneagram Type 3 Examples

The Social Butterfly

Social 3 with a 2 wing:

Julianne Moore

Eric Stoltz

Michael Douglas

Paul McCartney

The Star

One-On-One 3 with a 2 wing:

Cindy Crawford

Christie Brinkley

Richard Gere

Steve Tyrell

Rafael Nadal

Bill Clinton

David Hasselhoff

The Hero

Survival 3 with a 2 wing:

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dwayne Johnson

Denzel Washington


The Socialite

Social 3 with a 4 wing:

Phil Collins

James Franco

Gwyneth Paltrow

The Artistic Achiever

One-On-One 3 with a 4 wing:

David Bowie

Viggo Mortenson

Jeremy Irons

Chris Isaak


The Icon:

Survival 3 with a 4 wing:

Lenny Kravitz

Ed Harris

Giorgio Armani

Richard Burton

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