Enneagram Type 4




Triad: Feeling

Style: Introverted

Enneagram type 4 is the individualist. A need to be unique is central to this type. Affectation of one’s appearence and posture often goes along with that. Dramatic, artistic, creative, emotional are all adjectives for this highly intuitive type. They are not only often artists, but they are quite often dreamers with big interior worlds. However, they often suffer from inadequacies or a feeling that something is missing. They see others as better. When they find God, they realize that they are truly unique like stars because God already is them.

Famous Enneagram Type 4 Examples:

The Involved Artist

Social 4 with a 3 wing:

Brad Pitt

Van Morrison

Michelle Pfeiffer

Anthony Hopkins

Kevin Spacey

The Special One

One-On-One 4 with a 3 wing:

Val Kilmer

Marlon Brando

Winona Ryder

Miles Davis

The Dramatic Romantic

Survival 4 with a 3 wing:

Dustin Hoffman

Martha Graham

The Cool Creative

Social 4 with a 5 wing:

Tom Waits

James Dean

Gillian Welch

Lucinda Williams

The Romantic Poet

One-On-One 4 with a 5 wing:

Johnny Depp

Neil Young

Nick Drake

Greta Garbo

Jim Jarmusch

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Sinead O’Connor

Helena Bonham Carter

The Beatnik

Survival 4 with a 5 wing:

Robert de Niro

Jackson Pollack

Leonard Cohen

Jack Keruoac

Patti Smith

For more about the Enneagram click. To learn more about Brad Pitt’s enneagram type —The Involved Artist—click the link above.

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