Enneagram Type 5



Triad: Thinking

Style: Introverted

Enneagram type 5 is the investigator or the observer. This type is often very intellectual and compartamentalized in the way they think. Bookworms, scientists, intellectuals, artists, they often isolate in order to review their knowledge of things. God knows all things, so a 5 becomes whole through self-knowledge through God.

Famous Enneagram Type 5 Examples

The Public Sage

Social 5 with a 4 wing:

John Lennon

Tim Reynolds (guitarist)

The Expressive Observer

One-On-One 5 with a 4 wing:

Andy Warhol

David Byrne

Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones)

Alan Watts

The Creative Watcher

Survival 5 with a 4 wing:

Chuck Close

Stanley Kubrick

William Burroughs

The Puzzle Solver

Social 5 with a 6 wing:

Bill Gates

Jane Goodall

The Edge (U2)

The Intense Intellectual

One-On-One 5 with a 6 wing:

Gary Sinise

Mark Zuckerberg

Lauren Bacall

Olivia Wilde

Jodie Foster

Gregory Peck

The Lone Wolf

Survival 5 with a 6 wing:

Clint Eastwood

Sigourney Weaver

Robert Duvall

Stephen King

Leonard Nimoy

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