Enneagram Type 6



Triad: Thinking

Style: Compliant

Enneagram type 6 is the loyalist or the questioner. This type is a doubting Thomas. The 6 questions everything in order to find security. Often smart, organized, rule oriented, sociable, 6’s usually know how to live in society and merge with culture.The everyman is a 6. When a 6 knows God, a 6 knows all the answers they ever doubted.

*Enneagram type 6 can be either phobic or counterphobic. Counterphobic types often appear to be confrontational like enneagram type 8.

Famous Enneagram Type 6 Examples

The Reporter

Social 6 with a 5 wing:

Gary Cooper

Luke Wilson

The Quiet Questioner

One-On-One 6 with a 5 wing:

Brian Wilson (news anchor)

Burt Shavitz (Burt’s Bees)

Tom Skeritt

Jimmy Stewart

The Silent Leader

Survival 6 with a 5 wing:

Russell Crowe

Colin Powell

Humphrey Bogart

The Pal

Social 6 with a 7 wing:

Tom Hanks

Diane Keaton

Owen Wilson

George W. Bush

Jamie Lee Curtis

Andie Mac Dowell

The Everyman

One-On-One 6 with a 7 wing:

Hugh Grant

Scarlett Johansson

Matthew McConaughey

Woody Allen

Paul Newman

The Strong Loyalist

Survival 6 with a 7 wing:

Ed Norton

Hillary Clinton

Sheryl Crow

Angelica Houston

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