Enneagram Type 7



Triad: Thinking

Style: Extroverted

Enneagram type 7 is the enthusiast. Often called the adventurer, this type seeks pleasure in life through new experiences: food, travel, work, mental activities, exercise, etc. They are often funny and fast talking. When the pursuit of pleasure runs out though, they realize that service to God brings the ultimate joy in life.

Famous Enneagram Type 7 Examples

The Aloof Comedian

Social 7 with a 6 wing:

Dan Akroyd

Bill Murray

Will Ferrell

The Joker

One-On-One 7 with a 6 wing:

Vince Vaughn

Mic Jagger

Yvon Chouinard (Patagonia)

Cameron Diaz

Julie Roberts

Jude Law

Chris Martin (Coldplay)

The Commentator

Survival 7 with a 6 wing:

Larry David

George Carlin

Dennis Leary

Rachael Mc Adams

John McEnroe

The Cool Bull

Social 7 with an 8 wing:

James Belushi

The Gusto Epicurean

One-On-One 7 with an 8 wing:

Kevin James

Julian Schnabel

John Candy

Emeril Lagasse

Rachael Ray

Billy Joel

The Bulldog

Survival 7 with an 8 wing:

Johnny Cash

Joe Pesci



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