Enneagram Type 8



Triad: Instinctive

Style: Extroverted

Enneagram type 8 is the challenger. They argue with everything Gurdjieff said. 8’s are often called the boss because they like to be in control, take charge and order others around. A lust for life is common as well as a passion for intensity. 8 must surrender control to God to learn God is in charge of everything.

Famous Enneagram Type 8 Examples

The Casual Combater

Social 8 with a 7 wing:

Gene Hackman

Michael Buble

Tony Romo

Bill O’Reilly

Robert Loggia

The Chairman of the Board

One-On-One 8 with a 7 wing:

Pablo Picasso

Frank Sinatra

Chris Berman

Kathleen Turner

David Ortiz

The Verbose Challenger

Survival 8 with a 7 wing:

Joan Crawford

Sean Connery

Mike Dikta

The Friendly Bear

Social 8 with a 9 wing:

John Wayne

Kathy Bates

Jack Nicklaus

Ted Williams

Pat Conroy

The Manly Man

One-On-One 8 with a 9 wing:

Brian Dennehey

Paul Sorvino

Ernest Hemingway

Robert Mitchum

The Chief

Survival 8 with a 9 wing:

Emmit Smith

Martin Luther King

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