Enneagram Type 9



Triad: Instinctive

Style: Introverted

Enneagram type 9 is the peacemaker. 9 feels at peace when they are in harmony with others and their environment. They tend to not want to rock the boat and have a fear of confrontation. Easy going, funny, sweet and lazy are all adjectives that describe this type. They find true peace through God who is the essence of peace.

Famous Enneagram Type 9 Examples

The Gentle Giant

Social 9 with an 8 wing:

Keanu Reeves

Michael Clark Duncan

Sunny Ortiz (Widespread Panic)

Michael Oher

The Active Peacemaker

One-On-One 9 with an 8 wing:

Grace Kelly

Dawn Robinson (En Vogue)

Keifer Sutherland

BB King

Frank Thomas

The Peaceful Warrior

Survival 9 with an 8 wing:

Forest Whitaker

Raymond Burr

Orson Welles

Winston Churchill

The Peaceful Advocate

Social 9 with a 1 wing:

James Earl Jones

Roger Ebert

Meryl Streep

Morgan Freeman

The Dreamer

One-On-One 9 with a 1 wing:

Jimmy Carter

Kevin Costner

Janet Jackson

Ingrid Bergman

Alfred Hitchcock

Ringo Starr

Amanda Seyfried

The Visionary

Survival 9 with a 1 wing:

Carl Jung

Joesph Campbell

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